If you love being on the water, enjoying nature, and experiencing the thrills of river rafting, then the Grand Canyon is the place you need to go. It's one of the more popular rafting destinations because of the unique and amazing scenery you can enjoy while you're on the water. Plus, the Colorado River provides a variety of experiences from serene still waters to heart-pounding rapids. Here are some things to know about Grand Canyon river rafting.

Multi-Day Trips Are Available

If you want to combine rafting with sleeping under the stars, then consider a multi-day rafting trip. You could spend a one or two-week vacation filled with nature experiences and seeing the Grand Canyon in a way few others ever get the chance to do. However, you may not have the time for a long rafting trip, so you can easily find much shorter ones that last a single day to a few days.

Smooth-Water Tours Are Available

If staying on smooth water is as exciting as you care to get on your trip, then you'll find a tour to match. You can take a day tour that is restricted to a part of the river where the water is always smooth and where there are no rapids. An advantage of a smooth-water tour is that it's suitable for older kids, so the whole family can enjoy the experience together. Plus, your raft stops occasionally so you can swim or walk around the shore to explore nature.

Extreme Adventures Can Be Had

If you're heading to the Grand Canyon to challenge rapids and intense whitewater, you won't be disappointed. Be sure to compare different tours to see what part of the river they travel over. Some sections of the river have numerous rapids that give you a thrilling ride. However, even the wildest parts of the river have breaks of smooth water so you can catch your breath and gaze upon the beautiful scenery.

Other Attractions Are Nearby

Your only interest may be in rafting in the Grand Canyon, but if you want to combine your experience with other activities, then you'll find plenty of things to do in the area. You could take a helicopter ride to the top of the rim and walk on the glass Skywalk, or you could tour the Native American reservation. Some tours include plane, bus, or helicopter transportation to and from Las Vegas so you could combine your wilderness rafting trip with a night on the high-energy Vegas Strip.

A Grand Canyon rafting trip is a fun experience you'll probably want to repeat. The views alone make the experience worthwhile, and if you're looking for adventure, the Grand Canyon is a sure place to find it.