When you ride a train that tours through a scenic area, you have a number of options about where you'll sit. A lot of people buy tickets in dining cars, while others favor the affordability of standard coach cars. Another option is to see if the train has tickets that allow you to experience the journey from the locomotive. This is often the case, although these tickets are understandably limited due to space and thus in high demand. Here are some reasons to try for these tickets for your upcoming train tour. 

The Best View

There's little doubt that being in the locomotive will give you the best view of the scenery during the outing. While other passengers will get to see the scenes as they pass, you'll actually get to watch them as they approach. This is something that the average train passenger simply won't get to experience. Regardless of whether you pick a trip in the morning or at night, and regardless of the season, you can expect a view of the sights along your route that is second to none.

A Chance To Learn

While the locomotive's engineer will need to focus on their job throughout the train tour, you can also expect that they'll talk to you at various times. This is another big reason to try to get your tickets in the locomotive. The engineer will likely tell you different stories about the train and the tour, as well as point out unique things along the route. If you're the type of person who enjoys learning as much as possible when you experience new activities, being in the locomotive will provide you with this opportunity.

A Good Photo Op

It's common for people to snap lots of pictures when they take a scenic train tour, as this will help them to remember the experience as well as share their excitement with family and friends on social media. While you'll be able to take pictures of the scenery from the locomotive, this unique position on the train will also give you a chance at some one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. For example, you might take a selfie that makes it look as though you're driving the train, which can be a fun shot to use as your profile photo on social media. Contact a scenic train tour company, such as the Royal Gorge Train, to learn more about the trips that it offers, as well as to inquire about buying your tickets in the locomotive.