Gun enthusiasts are always looking for weapons that are unique and fun. One of the weapons that you might find in an enthusiast's gun safe is a bullpup shotgun.

These shotguns have been modified to give them a unique and interesting look. In addition to looking cool, a bullpup shotgun can provide a number of advantages when it comes to improving accuracy and comfort during each session at the shooting range.

Learn more about what makes a bullpup shotgun unique so that you can better appreciate these weapons in the future.

1. Unique Action Location

One feature that sets bullpup shotguns apart from their traditional counterparts is the location of the action on the gun. The action on a bullpup shotgun is located behind the firing grip instead of in front of it.

The reason for positioning the action behind the firing grip is to reduce overall weight without sacrificing barrel length or velocity.

A larger portion of the weapon can rest on the shooter's shoulder when firing a bullpup shotgun. This distribution of weight can make it more comfortable to shoot a bullpup shotgun than a traditional shotgun over a long period of time.

2. Compact Design

A bullpup shotgun features a more compact design than a traditional shotgun. Placing the action behind the firing grip allows for the stock length on a bullpup gun to be reduced. A shorter stock maintains barrel length and velocity, which keeps the gun as accurate and powerful as a larger traditional shotgun.

The compact design of a bullpup shotgun makes it easier to maneuver in tight spots and fire quickly from a lowered position. Bullpup shotguns have been used by armed forces throughout the world because of the benefits their compact design can offer in tactical and combat situations.

3. Lightweight

One of the advantages that shooters like about bullpup shotguns is that they are incredibly lightweight. Carrying around a heavy gun can become tiresome. Fatigue can have a negative effect on the accuracy of your shots, so you want a gun that is as lightweight as possible.

By eliminating the buttstock from the basic shotgun design, bullpup shotguns lose a lot of weight when compared with traditional shotguns. The location of the action can help to distribute this weight more evenly, which will prevent fatigue from setting in quickly during any shooting event.

If you want a gun that is lightweight, compact, and fun to shoot, a bullpup shotgun could be the answer. Talk to a supplier to learn more about 12-gauge bullpup shotguns.