A multi-use gambrel is part of a hoist system. This hunting tool will allow you to secure your kills and suspend them from the framework, a tree limb, or another elevated surface that is stable. The gambrel's purpose is to secure the back legs of an animal. This tool will allow you to skin, clean, and portion meat.

The Composition And The Design

Hunting game takes place outdoors, and any equipment that will be used to prepare an animal for butchering or transport will require the use of a tool that is weather-resistant. A gambrel is triangular in shape. It possesses a similar shape to a clothing hanger. A gambrel can be used to lift a lot of weight. Extreme hunting sports that involve shooting bears, large deer, or antelopes will require the use of a durable hoist system.

Many multi-use gambrel systems will consist of a gambrel and framework. The stainless steel coating on a gambrel will not rust. A stainless steel bar will comprise the bottom of a gambrel. This piece will lie along the area where the back legs of an animal will ultimately be secured.

A gambrel may contain hooks or metal bands. Hooks will require the animal's legs to be pierced. Each pierced leg can be anchored through a hook. A gambrel may also contain bands. Metal bands are designed to stabilize the legs without needing to make punctures through an animal's body.

The Execution

Some avid hunters who often shoot big game may enjoy participating in solo or joint ventures. The limited amount of manpower that is available could hinder one's ability to prepare cuts of meat onsite. It may not be feasible to lift a heavy animal and place it in the back of a truck or another transport vehicle. For those who would like to prepare the meat onsite, a hoist will prove to be highly beneficial.

First, a hoist system should be set up. The animal that is going to be skinned or cleaned can remain on the ground. Next, the back legs of the animal should be attached to the gambrel, either by piercing the skin and hooking the legs or by using the cuff bands. Next, the pulley system that comes with a gambrel should be used to lift the animal.

The head of the animal will face downward. Once the gambrel has been elevated to the top of the anchoring system, skinning and cutting meat can be performed. Cuts of meat can be placed inside of a cooler that is set up next to the hoist system.

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